Via Umbria's Cheese of the Month Club

Join the curd herd and pick up your own chunk of specially selected cheese each month.


Cutting a Parmesan Wheel


We're thrilled to announce the start of our very own Cheese of the Month Club. Every month, participating members will be able to pick up a half pound of one of our beautiful cheeses, selected by Alice Bergen Phillips, our cheesemonger. The cheeses will vary based on season and what is tasting particularly delicious at the moment. In addition, we'll kick off every new month with a tasting event–an evening at the store where you can pick up your new cheese, taste it, learn about how to pair it with beverages and condiments, and ask any questions you may have. It's a great way to expand your cheesy horizons and try something new and exciting!


A six month membership is just $150 per member. Join now!


Terms and Conditions:

Six month Cheese of the Month Club membership costs $150 per member. This membership rate covers:

• Half (1//2) a pound of cheese each month, selected by our cheesemonger (cannot be transferred towards another cheese)

• Access to monthly Cheese of the Month events for 6 months

• Discounted admission to other cheese-related events and tasting throughout the month for the duration of the 6 month membership


Members will receive their cheese of the month after signing up. Customers can join the club during any time of the month, and membership will commence from signup date. If membership starts after the first Tuesday of the month, member has the option of receiving the current cheese of the month or have their membership start the following month. Cheese does not have to be picked up at the monthly kick-off event, and can be picked up any time during that month. If a member cannot come to pick up a cheese, cheesemonger must be notified by the 10th of the month to extend membership by one month for the missed month. If a cheese selection is not claimed for a particular month within that month and no notice is given, it is forfeited. All Cheese of the Month Club kick-off events are open to public with a $25 admission fee for non-members, or $15 for guests of Cheese Club Members.