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  1. Daedalus Manhattan salad plate   square
  2. Daedalus Manhattan salad plate   square
  3. Falcone Fiori e Limone salad plate

    With a colorful take on the iconic lemon motif, these plates are distinctly Italian. Perfect for salads, appetizers, or desserts, this beautiful Italian ceramic is the perfect complement to any meal. Learn More
  4. Falcone Ravello lemon salad plate

    With its rich blue background and classic lemon design, the Ravello Lemon salad plate will bring the essence of Italy to your table. Perfect for appetizers, salads, and desserts, this plate is a fun and festive addition to any table. Learn More
  5. Gabianella salad plate
  6. Gabianella salad plate
  7. Gabianella salad plate
  8. Geribi Allegra salad plate

    Cheerfully bright and inviting, this hand painted Italian ceramic from Geribi is sure to get the party started. Perfect for appetizers, salads, or desserts, the brilliant colors and festive design make the Allegra salad plate a flawless accessory for any meal. Learn More
  9. Geribi Cielo salad plate

    Handcrafted and painted in the traditional style by artisans in Deruta, Italy, this ceramic plate is a simple luxury that will enhance your meal. Combining classic patterns with a modern twist, this authentically Geribi design will add a cheerful and celestial element to any table. Learn More
  10. Geribi Deborah salad plate
  11. Geribi Frutta Blue salad plate

    With its cheerful use of color and traditional imagery, the Frutta Blue salad plate looks almost good enough to eat. Pair it with our Quaderni dinner plates for an extra splash of color and enjoy! Learn More
  12. Geribi Frutta salad plate

    This fun and fruity design is hand painted in Deruta Italy. Depicting traditional Italian imagery with an updated twist, the Frutta salad plate is a delightful addition to any meal. Learn More
  13. Geribi Frutteto Nero salad plate

    Bold and delicious yellows pop against a deep black background in the Frutteto Nero salad plate from Geribi studio. Great for salads, appetizers, or desserts this gorgeous piece will bring a stunning touch of Italy to your household. Learn More
  14. Geribi Frutteto Rosso salad plate
  15. Geribi Girasole salad plate

    Inspired by the vast Italian sunflower fields, the Girasole salad plate will bring a piece of the Italian countryside into your home. With its cheerful yellow border and geometric blue interior this handcrafted ceramic will add Italian charm to any meal. Learn More
  16. Geribi Limoncello salad plate

    With its bold depiction of an iconic motif, the Limoncello salad plate is quintessentially Italian. Bring a touch of Italy to every meal as you use this plate for appetizers, salads, or desserts. Learn More
  17. Geribi Margherita salad plate

    Drawing inspiration from classic Italian patterns and incorporating them with a modern flare, the Margherita salad plate is a piece that is as unique as it is striking. With its classic colors and distinct design, this salad plate is a simple luxury that will enhance every meal. Learn More
  18. Geribi Pavone Rosso salad plate

    With its bright colors and stunning pattern, inspired by the splendor of a peacock, this gorgeous salad plate will add an element of refined elegance to any meal. Pair it with our Stella Rossa dinner plate to really make it pop. Learn More
  19. Geribi Piume Verde salad plate

    Stunning yet refined, this salad plate will bring the essence of the Umbrian countryside to your table. With its deep greens and bursts of yellow, this plate will add a splash of fun and festivity to any meal. Learn More
  20. Geribi Ricco Deruta salad plate

    This quintessentially Derutan design with a modern Geribi twist will add the accent of color and fun your table has been looking for! Perfect for salads, appetizers, and desserts, this plate will bring the enchanting Italian countryside to your table at every meal. Learn More
  21. Geribi Stella Rossa salad plate

    With its clean lines and tactful use of color the Stella Rossa dinner plate is a beautiful addition to any table. We suggest alternating this design with the Pavone Rosso dinner plates for a fun twist at the dinner table, or keep it all uniform and let Stella Rossa remain the star. Learn More
  22. Pinto Farm salad plate

    Depicting a delightful rural scene, these salad plates will bring the charm of the Italian countryside to your home. Perfect for serving or display, this plate is a must have for any home. Learn More
  23. Quaderni salad plate
  24. Quaderni salad plate
  25. Quaderni salad plate
  26. Quaderni salad plate

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Italian Ceramics Pottery

We have handpainted and handmade Italian salad plates. Made by Italian artisans, these salad plates are a must have. Make sure you have only the best Italian ceramics for your kitchen. Check out our expansive collection of Italian ceramic dinnerware.

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