Chocolates from Italy

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  1. Caffarel Advent Calendar 2017

    Out of stock

    This Italian Christmas calendar is filled with chocolate stars, Santa Clauses and penguins. In each little window you'll discover a surprise filled with a Gianduia filling. A sweet treat! Learn More
  2. Caffarel Euro banknotes

    Caffarel Euro banknotes Learn More
  3. Caffarel Gianduia   dark chocolate
  4. Caffarel Gianduia   milk chocolate
  5. Caffarel gold coins
  6. Caffarel Mini Mushroom Jar
  7. Fichi al Cioccolato

    Dried figs covered in dark chocolate. 250 gr. Learn More
  8. Girotto Individual Dark Chocolate

    Girotto Individual Dark Chocolate Learn More
  9. Girotto Individual Milk Chocolate

    Girotto Individual Milk Chocolate Learn More
  10. Olympia Provisions Chocolate Salami French

    Olympia Provisions Chocolate Salami French Learn More
  11. Sorelle Nurzia giandiua w/hazelnuts

    Classic Italian chocolate mixed with a hazelnut paste, the bright, beautiful packaging makes each bar a wonderful gift! A decadent taste of Italy. Learn More
  12. Sorelle Nurzia white torrone covered with chocolate

    A bar of classic torrone, a soft, white, almondy nougat, wrapped in chocolate. Beautiful both in aesthetics and taste, this impressive confection makes the perfect gift for anyone in your life with a sweet tooth, and a flair for the Italian. Learn More
  13. Venchi choco caviar jars
  14. Venchi choco caviar tins
  15. Venchi chocolate cigars
  16. Venchi chocolate cigars   wooden box
  17. Venchi Maxi Bar Dark Chocolate Hazelnut

    Venchi Maxi Bar Dark Chocolate Hazelnut 800g, 28.21oz. Learn More
  18. Venchi Maxi Bar Milk Chocolate Hazelnut

    Venchi Maxi Bar Milk Chocolate Hazelnut 800g, 28.21oz. Learn More

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Italian Chocolates

Have you ever have the chance to try chocolate from Italy? Take the time to browse through our selection to find your favorite. We have some of the best Italian chocolate candy and bars that you can find. Make sure you shop our wide selection of mouthwatering chocolates.

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