Decanter Accessories

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  1. Decanter

  2. Decanter Gamma
  3. Oil decanter   Etrusco   large
  4. Olive oil tasting glass
  5. Olive wood Bottle Stopper
  6. Olive wood Bottle Stopper with Cork Pourer
  7. Olive wood Bottle Stopper with Plastic Pourer
  8. Olive wood Corkscrew

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    For two generations the Arte Legno studio has been hand crafting unique and unusual items with professionalism and passion. Handcrafted in Italy, this corkscrew makes the perfect gift for someone who recognizes that opening and presenting wine is a skill unto itself. Distinctively styled, this extraordinary instrument is designed to be used both everyday and for special occasions. Handle is crafted from olive wood and finished to emphasize the material’s natural grain.

    Hand crafted in a studio in Perugia

    Olive wood sourced from trees in Umbria

    Hand wash, oil occasionally.

    Cavatappi sommelier (cm 13x2,5x5) - bottle opener

    Tappo dosatore con alette adattabili (cm 4x4x11) - top of bottle with stopper

    The grain of every olive wood piece is unique.

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  9. Radius (for Aperol)

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Decanting Accessories

Find the most exquisite decanters that come in different sizes only at our store. Check out our collection of oil decanters, champagne decanters and more. Only the best will do you for your kitchen. That's why we offer you a complete selection of bottle stoppers, olive oil tasting glasses and more.

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