Italian Lentil & Beans

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  1. Casale Paradiso Soup Beans and Porcini

    Out of stock

    Casale Paradiso Soup Beans and Porcini Learn More
  2. Diami Umbrian Lentils
  3. Il Molino white beans
  4. Mancino Fava beans and chicory
  5. Sogno Toscano Cannelinni beans

    Sogno Toscano Cannelinni beans Learn More
  6. Sogno Toscano Chickpeas
  7. Sogno Toscano Farro
  8. Viola Black Chickpeas

    Viola Black Chickpeas Learn More
  9. Viola Borlotti Beans

    Viola Borlotti Beans Learn More
  10. Viola Cannellini Beans

    Viola Cannellini Beans Learn More
  11. Viola Lentils
  12. Viola Occhio Nero Beans

    Viola Occhio Nero Beans Learn More
  13. Viola Purgatorio Beans
  14. Viola Risina Beans

    Out of stock

    Viola Risina Beans Learn More
  15. Viola Roveja Peas

    Viola Roveja Peas Learn More

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Italian Bean Soup

Beans are rich in protein and make for a healthy part of your diet. Shop for Borlotti beans, Italian chickpeas, white Italian beans, Italian corona beans and so much more at Emporio. With our fine collection of Italian lentils and beans that are from the Umbria region, you can make a delicious bean soup. Use for your favorite soup or salad today.

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