Italian Pastas

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  1. Anfosso Croxetti
  2. Anfosso Foglie Ulivo
  3. Anfosso Gigli
  4. Anfosso Gigli Tricolor
  5. Casale Paradiso Forest Pennette
  6. Casale Paradiso Pasta Porcini   gluten free
  7. Casale Paradiso Pasta Primavera   gluten free
  8. Casale Paradiso Pasta Tomato Basil   gluten free
  9. Felicetti Monograno Conchiglioni
    Felicetti Monograno Conchiglioni Learn More
  10. Felicetti Monograno Eliche
  11. Felicetti Monograno Il Capelli Pacote
    Felicetti Monograno Il Capelli Pacote Learn More
  12. Felicetti Monograno Il Capelli Penne Rigate
    Felicetti Monograno Il Capelli Penne Rigate Learn More
  13. Felicetti Monograno Kamut Fusilli
  14. Felicetti Monograno Kamut Spaghetti
  15. Felicetti Monograno Penne Lisce
  16. Fregola Sarda
  17. Gentile Mafalde
  18. Giacosa Pappardelle
  19. Mancino Cavatellucci
  20. Mancino Fricelli
  21. Mancino Fricelli   tricolor
  22. Mancino Sombrerini
  23. Mancino Strascinate
  24. Mancino Strozzapreti
  25. Verrigni Bucatini
  26. Verrigni Lumaconi
  27. Verrigni Penne Rigate
  28. Verrigni Radiatoro
  29. Verrigni Spaghetti with Squid Ink
  30. Verrigni Spaghettoro
  31. Verrigni Sqquadro

Grid List

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31 Item(s)

Authentic Italian Pasta

Pasta is a key food in the Italian diet. Browse our wide selection of Gnocchi, Regate, Primavera, Alfabeto and more. We have many different types of pasta available for purchase that is directly imported from the Umbrian region of Italy. Our delectable pasta will surely appease your appetite. We even have gluten free pasta from Italy. Buy pasta from Italy today.

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