Italian Olive Varieties

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  1. Anfosso Taggiasca Olives
  2. Fratepietro Bella di Cerignola black olives

    The Bella di Cerignola Olive is exclusively grown in the Foggia province of Puglia, Italy. The olives are named for the town in which they originated - Cerignola. Cerignolas are one of the delights of southern Italian cuisine, and these black olives add richness to your pre-meal antipasto platter. Due to their large size, Cerignola Olives are great for serving at parties or making a stunning garnish on a dish. Fleshy, mild, and light, they are perfect for antipasto or appetizer plates.

    Imported from Cerignola, Italy

    Cheese pairing: mild Asiago, smoked cheeses

    Wine pairing: Bardolino

    200g glass jar

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  3. Fratepietro Bella di Cerignola green olives

    Important in Italian cuisine, these olives are some of the largest varieties grown in the town of Cerignola in Puglia. Meaty, mild, and fruity, Cerignola Olives are perfect for antipasto or appetizer plates. Pop these Fratepietro olives your favorite martini for a luxurious touch.

    Imported from Cerignola, Italy

    580ml, 20 oz jar

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  4. Mancino Black olive pate
  5. Mancino Green olive spread
  6. Mancino Green olives
  7. Mancino Green olives and garlic

    Mancino Green olives and garlic Learn More
  8. Mancino Green olives w/o pits

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Italian Green Olive Varieties

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