Italian Spices Mix

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  1. Cervia Sal Fiore of Romagna   medium fine
  2. Cervia sea salt   medium coarse
  3. Fattoria Italia Bouillon Cubes   Porcini
  4. Fattoria Italia Bouillon Cubes   Truffle
  5. Golosi Dried Boscaiola Sauce
  6. Golosi Dried Puttanesca Sauce
  7. Il Boschetto Arrabbiata Sea Salt
  8. Il Boschetto Grigliata Sea Salt
  9. Il Boschetto Mediterraneo Sea Salt
  10. Sale di Trapani fleur de sel   bag

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    Artisanal salt, harvested and processed by hand, Sale di Trapani?s fleur de sel is mild in salinity but high in flavor. The heat of a hot Sicilian sun, and strong winds make this a valuable seasoning for any kitchen, enhancing subtle flavors in your own cooking. Learn More
  11. Ville Reale sea salt   mint and lemon

    This is the perfect salt for seafood. Aromatic mint and lemon add freshness and elegance to all your culinary endeavors. Perfect on top of appetizers, like prosciutto wrapped melon, or fresh peas or green beans. Learn More
  12. Ville Reale sea salt   pepper and citrus

    Pepper and citrus pair impeccably in this flavored sea salt to really bring the most out of any food you make. Perfect on steak, or just roasted potatoes, it also serves as the perfect finishing touch on soups, adding depth and complexity to already smooth flavors. Not only a perfect staple for your own kitchen, this is the perfect gift for any foodie. Learn More
  13. Ville Reale sea salt   rosemary and Marsala

    Delicious, bold and distinctive, this salt works as a fabulous seasoning for any dish. The added touch of marsala makes this truly Italian, and adds a sweet, rich flavor to a classic herb-infused sea salt. Learn More
  14. Ville Reale sea salt Cinnamon and orange

    This unique sea salt is infused with delicious cinnamon and the most luscious orange flavor. Brought together, this combination of flavors will lend your dishes a very distinct, yet delicate flavor. Ideal to awaken fresh steamed vegetables, or sprinkled over roasted meats and poultry. Learn More

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14 Item(s)

Italian Food Spices

Spice up your kitchen (pardon our lame attempt at a joke) with these Italian spices. Shopping for quality homemade Italian seasoning has never been easier. Our Italian spices for spaghetti sauce and Italian spices for chicken make for perfect meal. Buy yours today.

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