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We offer virtually limitless options for sightseeing and connecting with local artisans and purveyors. Accompanied by informed and attentive guides, explore the wealth of history and art in the area’s museums, galleries, and excavations, as well as in the streets of the ancient and mystical towns that abound. We can also set you up with a staff to cook every meal, or a visiting chef to teach you how to make pizza in the wood-burning oven. From delivering a rental car to scheduling morning yoga sessions, Via Umbria can make it happen seamlessly and on demand. These experiences add a rich and memorable dimension to your time at la Fattoria del Gelso.

Umbria Italy

Your Hosts

As informal ambassadors of Umbria and its many splendors, Bill and Suzy have access to the very best of everything straight from the source.

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Italian ceramics

Our Amazing Artisans

Learn more about the people, the techniques and the traditions behind the rich diversity of authentic Umbrian crafts we feature.

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Italian wines

Strictly Local Wines

Our wine shop is stocked with a connoisseur’s selection of noteworthy wines from Umbria’s family-oriented Montefalco wineries.

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