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Groceries & Supplies


Groceries & Supplies

Don’t spend your holiday stocking up on basics at the grocery store - send us a shopping list in advance of your arrival. We can stock the kitchen for you for no additional fee. Spend your time at the grocery and local markets looking for specialty, regional items and leave the rest to us. In case you forget something behind, we have set up an honor bar where you can supplement or pick up forgotten items. Here you will find local wine, nuts, crackers, dry pasta, and tomato sauce as well as bottled water, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and paper towels.

Umbria Italy

Your Hosts

As informal ambassadors of Umbria and its many splendors, Bill and Suzy have access to the very best of everything straight from the source.

Get to know them

Italian ceramics

Our Amazing Artisans

Learn more about the people, the techniques and the traditions behind the rich diversity of authentic Umbrian crafts we feature.

Explore their stories

Italian wines

Strictly Local Wines

Our wine shop is stocked with a connoisseur’s selection of noteworthy wines from Umbria’s family-oriented Montefalco wineries.

Discover Umbrian wines

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