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Historic city walking tours


Historic city walking tours

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In the towns of Umbria, one can see traces of ancient civilizations existing alongside a modern vibrant culture. The best way to truly understand this history and to discover the treasures that are often hidden in plain view is on foot with an expert English speaking guide. Let us arrange for you a two hour walking tour of Umbria’s principle cities – Perugia and Assisi - or one of the lesser known gems that dot this area, including Deruta, Bevagna, Spello, Norcia or Spoleto.

PERUGIA - The regional capital of Umbria has a long and distinguished history from the pre-Roman Etruscan period, from Roman occupation through important medieval times. Perugia houses a number of prestigious universities. Your two-hour guided walking tour will take you through the historic center, impressive architecture, past the shops along the Corso Vanucci, down medieval streets and past original Etruscan walls. You will see the Roman aqueduct that supplied the town’s fountain, and visit the Rocca Paolina, the underground remains of the city that were preserved when the pope occupied Perugia. Panoramic views of Umbria are available from numerous vantage points.

ASSISI - Nearby is the historic hill town of Assisi, which dominates the countryside and is visible from the Farmhouse. In this two-hour walking tour with a local expert guide, you will learn about the life and times of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, birds, nature, and Italy. Visit the Basilica of St. Francis and learn about the historically important Frescoes of Giotto and Ciambue. Wander the Pietro Serana (rose colored stone) streets of Assisi and breathe in its air of tranquility.

DERUTA – This is the principal city for ceramic making in Italy, dating back before the 1300s. The walled hilltop town is full of artist’s studios where extended families carry on the ancient tradition of making and hand-painting ceramics. Deruta houses an important museum of ceramics, where you can learn about the history of traditional ceramic patterns that continue to be painted today. On your two-hour tour, your guide will offer the chance to visit studios, walk through the old walled town, and visit the ceramic museum.

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