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    Bill and Suzy Menard

    “We are believers in the power of place. Not every solitary point in the infinite expanse of the universe, but certain ones. For just as there are smells or tastes that can trigger a flood of sensations, reactions and memories, there are places that connect to something deep within. We have experienced this in Umbria.”

    Via Umbria owners Bill and Suzy Menard, informal ambassadors of Umbria and its many splendors, fell hard for the rustic charm of this still relatively obscure region and were compelled to introduce its unspoiled beauty and rich heritage to fans of Italian culture. Through their longstanding relationships with local artisans, the Menards have access to the very best indigenous products straight from the source.

    They have also made their idyllic farmhouse in Umbria available for rent and, whether hosting visitors themselves or merely designing customized itineraries, they are able to provide a much more intimate understanding of the striking landscape and traditional ways they know and love so well. More than a dozen years after they turned their passion into a business, the Menards remain as vitally connected as ever to this part of the world.