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Umbria Italy

Truffle Hunting


Truffle Hunting

Umbria is one of the few places in world blessed with an abundance of wild truffles, and supplies Italy with 80% of its truffle production. The truffle is a rare and precious aromatic kind of fungus that is found underground using trained truffle dogs that help find the hidden treasures. 

You will spend the day learning about, tasting, cooking and hunting truffles. This itinerary is a full day of truffle-mania with one of Umbria’s most influential truffle merchant families and includes a truffle hunt on a private preserve and a walking tour of one of Italy’s most beautiful medieval cities. Additional stops may include the town of Citerna, a tiny medieval walled city where from its hilltop vantage, you can see Tuscany, Umbria, Le Marche and Emilia Romagna. Stroll the streets with experts who can show you the underground medieval cisterns that supply the city's water and gave it its name. So don’t pass up the opportunity to join a truffle hunt with one of the area’s traditional truffle hunters and his faithful (and valuable) truffle hunting dog!

Take a look at more photos from our Truffle Hunting gallery here!

Umbria Italy

Your Hosts

As informal ambassadors of Umbria and its many splendors, Bill and Suzy have access to the very best of everything straight from the source.

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Our Amazing Artisans

Learn more about the people, the techniques and the traditions behind the rich diversity of authentic Umbrian crafts we feature.

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Italian wines

Strictly Local Wines

Our wine shop is stocked with a connoisseur’s selection of noteworthy wines from Umbria’s family-oriented Montefalco wineries.

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