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Umbria Italy

Winery Tours


Winery Tours

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Umbria produces a vast number of noteworthy wines, many of which are unknown in the U.S. or even outside Umbria. Fortunately for you, the Farmhouse is located along the Strada del Sagrantino, the “Sagrantino Wine road”. Wineries range from smaller family-run estates to ultra modern corporate conglomerates. What they have in common, however, is an abiding love for the land, a deep commitment to their winemaking tradition, and cellars full of fantastic wine! The most famous (and deservedly so) wine region in Umbria is the Montefalco D.O.C., which includes over 80 different wineries that carry down generations of family traditions. Montefalco is famous for its Sagrantino D.O.C.G. wine, a powerful, distinctive and full-bodied red wine produced from the local Sagrantino grape. Montefalco Rosso D.O.C., made from a mixture of local grapes including the Sagrantino, is produced by many of the local wineries in the Montefalco zone and provides a wonderful measuring stick against which to assess each winery’s craft. Some of the most excellent white wines come from both the Grechetto grape, which is used throughout the region, as well as the Trebbiano Spoletino grape, which is only grown in the Montefalco wine region. 

We can reccomend and arrange a visit and introduction for you at one of the local cantinas or organize a full day excursion to several wineries, complete with transportation, guide/translator, tours of the vineyards, and production facilities and tastings. Excursions can include a single winery or be an all day affair, with transportation provided for your group and visits of up to four wineries, including tours of the vineyards, production facilities and lunch (with the proprietors) or a small tasting of local meats and cheeses, as well as tastings of a number of the winery’s vintages. The cost varies according to the itinerary, transportation, English-speaking guide, a meal or hors d’oeuvres, and entrance fees, if any.

Take a look at more photos from our Wineries gallery here!

Umbria Italy

Your Hosts

As informal ambassadors of Umbria and its many splendors, Bill and Suzy have access to the very best of everything straight from the source.

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Learn more about the people, the techniques and the traditions behind the rich diversity of authentic Umbrian crafts we feature.

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Our wine shop is stocked with a connoisseur’s selection of noteworthy wines from Umbria’s family-oriented Montefalco wineries.

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