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    Our Georgetown store, located at 1525 Wisconsin Avenue NW, is a brick-&-mortar retail space that brings the Italian region of Umbria to you. Via Umbria was founded by Bill and Suzy Menard, informal ambassadors of the "green heart of Italy" and its many splendors. The products are imported from Italy and each one has been hand selected by Bill and Suzy from artists and craftsmen they know personally.

    For the Menards, opening a store in the Georgetown neighborhood was a homecoming. A study abroad with Georgetown Law was their introduction to Italy, and it was where their love affair with Umbria began. The European brand is a smart fit for the neighborhood, as Georgetowners are well travelled and appreciate things in life that are worth slowing down for and savoring. This quaint neighborhood is one of the last historical areas in DC that maintains a European feel. The retail space is part of a series of buildings on Wisconsin Ave NW, formerly known as High Street, that dates back to the 1800’s. Like the other small stores of the area, the staff at Via Umbria enjoys building relationships with customers who support the local community, just like Italians do in their own small hometowns.

    Via Umbria has become a magnet for Italophiles seeking not only authentic products but also a vibrant and active community of kindred spirits. Convivial events featuring wine tastings, exhibitions, book clubs and visiting artisans and chefs bring to life many of the resources showcased online and in the shop, which will soon function as market, wine store, café and cultural center.

    More than a dozen years after they turned their passion into a business, the Menards remain as vitally connected to this part of the world as ever.

    We believe in the importance of valuing the handmade, the artistic, the unique. It is our passion and we have made it our business. -Bill and Suzy Menard

    Discover the many facets of Umbria, online and in person, with Via Umbria.