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Our Amazing Artisans

Antico Frantoio Trampolini The Trampolini family has been dedicated to the ancient art of olive oil production since 1785. Before being passed down through the family’s generations, the property of the olive oil mill was run by warrior-monks from the Templar Church of San Bevignate. Along with quality olive oil, the Trampolini mill also offers a tour through its Oil Museum, filled with restored artifacts and tools dating back to the 14thcentury.

Societa Agricola Trevi il Frantoio Surrounded by olive groves, Societa Agricola Trevi has been producing extra virgin olive oil for over 25 years. It is a mill that is dedicated to the conscious consumption of high quality food products, particularly olive oil. In addition to their products, Societa Agricola Trevi also offers tours, tastings, and events.

Sorelle Nurzia Since 1835, Sorelle Nurzia has been producing quality nougat treats. Special production and packaging techniques provide the perfect balance of flavor and texture to each nougat bar. Whether using traditional ingredients like honey, almonds, and egg whites or exotic flavoring from Brazilian plantations, Sorelle Nurzia knows how to create a unique and refined flavor each time.

Frantoio Alberto CipolloniLocated in Umbria, this organic olive farm produces some of the finest oil in the region. Each olive is picked, washed, and then pressed to extract oil using a process called “dripping”. Former first prize winner of the Quality Foods and Flavors Award, it is no wonder how Cipolloni has held such a strong presence in Umbria.

Olio GuglielmiSince 1954, the Guglielmi brothers have been devoted to producing exceptional olive oil from their farm in the Apulia region. Situated on a hill at an altitude of 450 meters, their 80 hectares of olive groves yield quality oil that gives Guglielmi its widespread distinction.