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Known as the "rising star of Umbria" 

Azienda Agricola Tabarrini Giampaolo

The Tabarrini Family believes that a great wine starts with a quality grape. Their vineyard, located in the Umbrian region right outside of Montefalco, has been producing their own wines for four generations, with 11 out of the vineyard’s 22 hectares dedicated to the Sagrantino grape. Although the Tabarrini winery began by selling their wines in bulk, they decided to begin bottling the wines themselves in the late 1990’s. By doing so, the family was able to customize the entire process, using their years of expertise, from start to finish. Whether it is the soil’s texture, a grape’s ripeness, or the type of barrel wood used to age the wine, Tabarrini believes that it is the details make the difference.