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A small vineyard run almost entirely single-handedly

Cantina Fontecolle

Only true connoisseurs of Umbrian wines are likely to recognize the name Cantina Fontecolle. This small vineyard, located down a country road just outside of Montefalco, is the life’s work of one man: Duccio Pompili. Almost single-handedly, he tends his vines, harvests and presses the grapes, and lays down 10,000 bottles a year, concentrating on just two wines –– Sololoro, a Montefalco Rosso made of four varieties (Sangiovese, Sagrantino, Merlot and Alicante), and Ducciochi Sagrantino, which is 100% Sagrantino grape. His vineyard is his home, and a bed & breakfast, too (complete with a swimming pool with views overlooking the vines), and his sister lives on the same estate, which has been owned by their family for 30 years. All of which makes Cantina Fontecolle a true family affair, and the very essence of what we’ve come to treasure about Italy’s Dolce Vita!