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Pavone Rosso Geribi

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  1. Geribi Pavone Rosso butter tray

    Bold and brilliant reds combined with a traditional peacock design make this stunning ceramic dish a unique piece of art that is as gorgeous as it is practical. Sized perfectly to fit a standard stick of butter, this ceramic piece is easy to clean and stores effortlessly on your counter or in your refrigerator. Learn More
  2. Geribi Pavone Rosso coaster
  3. Geribi Pavone Rosso dinner plate

    Inspired by the majestic peacock, the Pavone Rosso features a brilliant featherlike design that is sure to enhance your daily dining experience. Try pairing it with our Stella Rossa salad plate for a striking way to add a little fun to your table. Learn More
  4. Geribi Pavone Rosso large fish tray

    Change up the look of your table with this vivid and striking, handcrafted Italian ceramic tray. With its long, slender shape, and striking colors, this tray is the perfect serving piece for fish, appetizers, and desserts. Learn More
  5. Geribi Pavone Rosso large oval tray

    Bright, vibrant, and elegant, this large serving tray from Geribi studio is the perfect addition to every table. With its large, oval shape, this dish is perfect for serving everything from your breakfast baked goods to your evening meat and vegetables, and will do so in style. Learn More
  6. Geribi Pavone Rosso large rectangular tray
  7. Geribi Pavone Rosso large serving bowl

    Bright colors and an enchanting, peacock feather inspired design make this gorgeous serving bowl from Geribi the perfect choice for all occasions. With a bold pattern on the inside and out, this bowl is as functional as it is stunning and is sure to turn even the simplest meal into a culinary masterpiece. Learn More
  8. Geribi Pavone Rosso medium oval tray

    With its striking color palette and gorgeous peacock feather inspired design, this fun and festive ceramic serving tray will bring the vibrancy of Italy to your table with every use. Dishwasher safe, this stunning piece will transition seamlessly from your table to your wall and effortlessly become a focal point of your kitchen. Learn More
  9. Geribi Pavone Rosso medium rectangular tray
  10. Geribi Pavone Rosso medium serving bowl

    With an elegant peacock inspired pattern adorning both the interior and exterior of the bowl, there is no better way to serve your favorite Italian dish than with this stunning piece. Whether in use or on display, the Pavone Rosso serving bowl will be a focal point and a conversation piece that is sure to be the envy of all of your guests. Learn More
  11. Geribi Pavone Rosso mug

    Brighten up your morning with this beautifully handcrafted Italian ceramic. With its bold reds and cheerful peacock feather inspired design, this piece will bring Italian charm to your table. Learn More
  12. Geribi Pavone Rosso oil/vinegar
  13. Geribi Pavone Rosso oval biscotti
  14. Geribi Pavone Rosso pasta bowl

    Drawing inspiration from the feathers of the majestic peacock, this authentic Italian pasta bowl will add an element of vibrant sophistication to every meal. With its bold red and ornate design, this piece is a functional work of art that will bring a piece of Italy into your home. Learn More
  15. Geribi Pavone Rosso round biscotti
  16. Geribi Pavone Rosso salad plate

    With its bright colors and stunning pattern, inspired by the splendor of a peacock, this gorgeous salad plate will add an element of refined elegance to any meal. Pair it with our Stella Rossa dinner plate to really make it pop. Learn More
  17. Geribi Pavone Rosso salt/pepper
  18. Geribi Pavone Rosso soup tureen

    With its bold colors and elegant design, this beautiful soup tureen is the touch of Italy your kitchen has been clamoring for. Whether you use it to serve your favorite soups or simply as a display piece on your countertop, there is no better way to brighten up your home than with this stunning, hand painted, ceramic piece. Learn More
  19. Geribi Pavone Rosso spoonrest

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Geribi, Deruta Pottery Italy

Bring a bright red color to your kitchen with our collection of Pavone Rosso ceramic patterns. Explore our dinnerware collection to get the latest in ceramic Italian bowls and more. Where else will you find these beautiful, handcrafted Italian ceramics? Check out this impressive collection of ceramic sugar bowls, ceramic pitchers and more.

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