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Sushi Serving Plates

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  1. Geribi Cielo sushi tray

    With its serene blues, cheerful yellows, and unique shape, this tray is sure to be a conversation piece at your next dinner party. Brighten up your table as you serve cheeses, pastries, or even your favorite meat dish from this stunning hand painted Italian ceramic serving tray. Learn More
  2. Geribi Frutta sushi tray
  3. Geribi Frutteto Nero sushi tray

    Vibrant colors and delicious looking fruits, set against a deep black background make this stunning serving tray uniquely perfect for all of your serving needs. Whether you are serving vegetables, pastries, or cheese, there is no better way to display your food than with this unique Geribi design. Learn More
  4. Geribi Limoncello sushi tray
  5. Geribi Margherita sushi tray

    With its wavy edges, and unique shape, the Margherita sushi tray is a fun and trendy addition to any table. As beautiful displayed in your kitchen as it is while serving your favorite meal, this piece is a as practical as it is stunning. Learn More
  6. Geribi Piume Verde sushi tray

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Ceramic Sushi Tray

Become a trendsetter and shop for ceramic sushi trays that you can use for your next get together. Your search for sophisticated Italian serveware starts right here. We only carry the best sushi ceramic trays at our store. Find the right ceramic trays for you today.

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