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Cheese of the Month Club
A six month membership to our Cheese of the Month Club entitles you to six cheeses specially selected by Via Umbria's cheesemonger along with admission to our monthly Cheese Club parties. It's not just gouda, it's grate!

Each month, our head cheesemonger hand selects one to three cheeses to showcase at an informal gathering of cheese lovers. From creamy burrata to hard, earthy pecorinos, our Cheese of the Month Club is your chance to dive headfirst into cheesy nirvana. Here's what you get with your membership: 1/2 lb. of each month's highlighted cheese(s) & free access to our monthly cheese parties, where we'll show you our favorite ways to enjoy each variety (price for non-members is $25). At the risk of sounding cheesy, our club isn't just gouda—it's grate!


If you love cheese, and who doesn't, we invite you to join our Cheese of the Month Club. Every month, participating members will receive a half  pound of one of our artisanal cheeses, selected by Via Umbria's cheesemonger, available for pickup at our monthly tasting event or throughout the month. The cheeses will vary based on season and what is tasting particularly delicious at the moment. In addition, we'll kick off every new month with a tasting event–an evening at the store where you can pick up your new cheese, taste it, learn about how to pair it with beverages and condiments, and ask any questions you may have. It's a great way to expand your cheesy horizons and try something new and exciting!

Six month Cheese of the Month Club membership rate covers:

• Half (1//2) a pound of cheese each month, selected by our cheesemonger (cannot be transferred towards another cheese)
• Access to monthly Cheese of the Month events for 6 months
• Discounted admission to other cheese-related events and tasting throughout the month for the duration of the 6 month membership

Please print your order and bring to the store to pick up your membership card. Click here for terms and conditions.

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