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Christmas Wines

Finding the right wine to serve with your Christmas meal may seem like a tall order, but it's easier than you think. With the enormous variety of flavors on your plate - white meat, dark meat, savory veggie sides, rich buttery mashed potatoes and sweet cranberry - you might be tempted to flip a coin, pull a name out of a hat or just drink water. But the right wine can make your Christmas dinner that much better. And we're here to help you!

The secret for choosing the right wine is to drink what you like. Beyond that, you might want to avoid too much tannin and focus instead on younger, fresher, crisper, more acidic whites and reds. Luckily, Italy specializes in just these flavor profiles and Via Umbria carries a huge selection of wines that will bring out the best in your feast.

Check out some of our recommendations below and don't hesitate to contact us (tel. 202.333.3904 or email or stop by to talk with us and try some samples. You can order your wines online for pickup at the store (sorry, no shipping out of state).  And don't forget, you can also pre-order dinner with us and avoid the tedious holiday shopping rush, making this Christmas the most stress free and delicious holiday ever!


Crivelli Grignolino | $19



Muri Gries Lagrein | $24



Terre Margaritelli Freccia degli Scacchi | $41



Giorgio Colutta Sauvignon | $20



Pardi Trebbiano Spoletino | $18



Alois Lageder Pinot Grigio | $16



Scacciadiavoli Brut Rose | $31



Albino Rocca Langhe Nebbiolo | $22