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Jennifer is Back!

December 19 - 30, 2017

About Jennifer

Chef Jennifer McIlvaine has been a professional chef since 1998. Her career began in her hometown of Philadelphia but she eventually found herself working at an agriturismo outside of Siena, and ended up falling in love with neighboring Umbria (as well as the man who is now her husband).  Now Jennifer owns and operates Life Italian Style, working as a private chef and leader of eno-gastronomic tours for visitors to Umbria.


Don't miss this opportunity to meet this talented chef whose talent is in seamlessly connecting the Italy we love with American sensibilities.

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Bringing the Essence of Umbria to Georgetown and to Your Home!

Chef Jennifer Mcllvaine is a well respected, adopted daughter of Umbria. Moving to Italy more than a decade ago, Jennifer has worked in and owned restaurants in Umbria and is raising two beautiful children with her Umbrian husband, winemaker Fedrico Bibi.  Close friends of Via Umbria owners Bill and Suzy Menard, she and Federico have become regular visitors to Georgetown, last year enjoying  an extended stay as a visiting chef.  

Jennifer returns to Washington for the holiday season, bringing her knowledge of Umbrian cuisine to Georgetown for a series of special Chef’s Table Dinners and cooking classes. Whether you join us in the store for a cooking class, in the cafe for lunch, around our chef's table for a special dinner, there is no better way to spend the holiday than with Jennifer preparing your food!


Medieval Menu with Jennifer McIlvaine- December 28


Medieval Menu with Jennifer McIlvaine- December 29


Classic Umbrian Menu with Jennifer McIlvaine- December 30

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