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Welcome to the New Old World

An Italian Emporio in Georgetown

The iconic brands, that unparalleled style, the luxe and practicality all rolled into one make shopping in Italy every bit as memorable as its churches, artwork and restaurants. For in Italy, shopping is an experience, not a task. A joy, not a burden.

And so, too, is shopping a pleasure at the Emporio at Via Umbria. We’ve assembled under one roof all the iconic products of Italy and wrapped them into the unforgettable experience of shopping in Florence. Or Rome. Or Bologna. Not just one shop, but a whole neighborhood.

In Italy, the window of a local alimentario, or food shop tempts you like a siren. You are powerless to resist. And once inside you marvel at just how many ways a bottle of olive can captivate you. With your eyes. Your nose. Your tongue. Your imagination. Beautiful packages of beans and rices and grains you’ve never heard of before excite your imagination.

Around the corner, the housewares shop dazzles with its luxurious linens, understated in their elegance, their soothing softness as enticing and enveloping as their comforting, unmistakable designs. A local ceramicist shows off his centuries-old skills with a pride that is matched only by the beauty of the works he proudly displays. This is the essence of craftsmanship and artistry and it is on display daily in the shops of Italy.

This is the shopping experience you crave. You find it in Italy and in the old world. And you can find it nowhere in the New World better than at the Emporio at Via Umbria. The best of Italy under one roof.