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Studio Geribi Exclusive First Look 

with complimentary rosé tasting


Join us on August 23 at Twilight for a Ship and Shop extravaganza! Our newest shipment has finally docked from Italy and we're excited to offer you an exclusive first look at our new Ceramic patterns and pieces from Studio Geribi. Pair that with an interactive Rose Wine Tasting Tour throughout the store and extended Spritz O'Clock Happy Hour Specials and we can't think of a better way to celebrate the end of the Dog Days of Summer and start fresh for fall.

The Classic colorful Deruta Style

Production began in the early Middle Ages, and found its artistic peak in the 15th and early 16th century, with highly characteristic local styles

About Geribi Studio

The hand-painted designs of the Geribi Studio are the brainchild of owner Gerardo Ribigini, who inherited the studio from his father, but the workmanship reflects the talents of his wife, Assunta, and their children, Frederico and Claudia. Over three generations, they have sustained a family business that embodies the quality and integrity of true Italian artistry.

Gerardo’s unique vision imbues the historic designs of the Renaissance with fresh colors and modern motifs. In partnership with Geribi, Via Umbria is pleased to make the craftsmanship and striking palette of Deruta  ceramics accessible to American customers. They are a beautiful expression of the rich history that thrives in the bountiful region of Umbria.

ALL NEW Tableware

Browse our selection of hand painted ceramic tableware in vivid colors and bold patterns. Shop Now

Artistry on display

Watch Assunta Ribigini display her artistry as she transforms biscotto into a stunning platter. Watch

Visit Deruta with Us!

Want to try your hand at painting?  Join us on our spring and fall tours in Umbria and try it yourself!. Tour Info