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Ernesto is Coming to DC! 

Make Plans to Meet Him March 10 - March 16

Bill Ernesto Suzy

Ernesto Parziani, chef-owner of Cannara’s Perbacco restaurant, is making his first trip to the US along with his wife Simona March 10-16 and we invite you to meet and to eat with him at Via Umbria.  A long-time friend of Via Umbria and Italian neighbor of Bill and Suzy, Ernesto boasts a culinary past that fuses the small village rustic simplicity of his native Cannara with the big city sophistication he developed while cooking in Rome.  We invite you meet Ernesto and Simona this month and to savor authentic Umbrian cooking that you cannot find outside the small villages of the green heart of Italy.

We've organized a series of events at Via Umbria with Ernesto and Simona from March 10th - March 16th to showcase Ernesto's prodigious cooking skills.  Dinners in our laboratorio demonstration kitchen will feature dishes from our native village of Cannara, famous thoughout Italy for its onions, as well as traditional rustic Umbrian fare that is impossible to find without a round trip ticket to Italy.  Artichoke parmigiana, schiacciata di patate e salsiccia, crostini with chicken liver and pork tenderlion with juniper berries are but a few menu items you'll savor.  Renowned for his marathon Perbacco cooking classes, Ernesto will spend two hours Sunday afternoon teaching a hands on class featuring traditional Easter recipes, such as Umbrian Easter bread and lamb.  And rounding out the visit, Ernesto will lead a tasting of Umbrian Wines followed by a special dinner pairing those wines with an unforgettable Umbrian feast.

Please join us at Via Umbria for Ernesto's visit and help us welcome him and Simona to the US.  Click below for more information or to book your tickets.

Ci vediamo!
Bill and Suzy 


Comfort from CannaraComfort Food

Thursday, March 10

Comfort Food From Cannara 

Gather around the communal table in our laboratorio demo kitchen to enjoy a menu of our favorite dishes from Ernesto's restaurant in Cannara (Umbria) - Perbacco.

Saturday, March 12

Umbrian Dinner with Ernesto and Simona

Join us for an unforgettable dinner of traditional, rustic Umbrian fare with local wines that will have you longing for the green heart of Italy.

Cooking with ErnestoThey Call Me Trinity

Sunday, March 13

Cooking Class with Ernesto

Bring Umbria to your table this Easter and learn the art of preparing traditional holiday fare with Ernesto.


Click here for a sneak preview of what's in store!

Tuesday, March 15

Pasta and Sauce Demo

Ernesto will be making and cooking fresh pasta for lunch in our cafe, no reservation required!

Spaghetti (and Meatballs) Western

Join Ernesto and Simona for a buffet-style spaghetti dinner with a screening of Enzo Barboni's classic Spaghetti Western comedy, They Call Me Trinity.

Discover Umbrian Wine


Wednesday, March 16

Discover Umbrian Wines

The last hurrah! Join Ernesto for an Umbrian Wine Class followed by a special Umbrian Wine Dinner (you can attend the class, the dinner - or both!)


Check your calendars and plan to join us at least once if not twice (we wouldn’t miss any of these). Not going to be in town? Please spread the word to your friends!

Click on a link above for more information or you can check our events calendar and book online.