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Sniffing out the best truffles in Italy

Tartufi Bianconi

The lush, green landscape of the Upper Tiber Valley is prime territory for hunting the seductive truffle. Saverio and Gabriella Bianconi, the husband and wife team behind Tartufi Bianconi, have been offering coveted black and white truffles to connoisseurs around the world since 1990. When fresh, these delicious funghi muse be eaten immediately, but the Bianconis have adapted ancient methods to create a line of pastas, sauces, and oils that preserve the truffles' incredible flavor. They also support numerous tartufaio, the local truffle hunters who have deep roots in this quietly beautiful corner of the world. At Tartufi Bianconi, the capture and conservation of the elusive truffle remains a continuing and fascinating challenge.