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Host a memorable Thanksgiving feast!

Celebrate the holiday with a farm-raised turkey on your table.


Thanksgiving Dinner


Our birds will be arriving from Fields of Athenry farm of Purcellville, Virginia, just about an hour-long drive from our store. This family farm is devoted to raising healthy animals in the most humane way possible. Their turkeys come in a wide range of sizes and are all raised cage free, with no added hormones, all natural diets, and minimal interference.

With our commitment to tradition, quality, and locality, our butcher, Scott, wanted to make sure that our turkeys were something to be proud of. He met with a local family farmer at Fields of Athenry, who began raising wholesome animals to ensure that their children ate well.

“The key to our birds is that they are truly free ranging (no skids)–grazing on grass pastures, slugs, bugs and berries (not dirt lots)...They are happy birds!” And happy birds make for excellent eating."


Reserve your dinner today! Call 202.333.3904 for more info or start your Preorder.