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Combining age-old farming traditions and family pride


The Viola family lives in this land and has been producing oil for generations. They belong to this extraordinary land, and they are rooted here and have a strong tie to the land: the work in the fields and the olive groves as the only means of support, the waiting, the hope and the joy of a good crop after a hard year's work. Those are simple actions that show our respect for this fruitful land. Producing oil is our job based on tradition and innovation and it is still carried on by the present generation whose blood ties are closely intertwined with olive tree cultivation. The memory goes back to Biagio and Lucia Viola who passed down to their son Ferdinando their love and dedication to olive tree cultivation. Ferdinando, after having been a sharecropper for years, bought a little olive grove on Scandolaro hills in the mid 19th century.