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Sicilian Wine Dinner with the Winemaker

One Night Only - November 3



Sicilian Wine And Seafood Dinner
Enjoy a Special Evening with Winemaker Gabriele Colombo

Although part of Italy, the island of Sicily has always been considered apart - exotic, mystical, enchanting. The past decade has seen it join and in many cases surpass the mainland in the development of its wine industry, considered by many to be on the leading edge of Italian and global winemaking. Blessed with a perfect climate with an abundance of bright sunshine and cool evenings, volcanic soils, salty sea breezes and lots of rolling hills, Sicily is finally rediscovering its wine heritage that stretches back centuries. In short, their wines are engaging, reflective of their terroir and delicious!

We are excited to welcome Gabriele Colombo from the Tenuta di Castellaro winery for a very special wine dinner that features four of their wines paired with a seafood menu that will have you longing for hot summer days dipping your feet in cool, blue Mediterranean waters. Tenuta di Castellaro is not just a Sicilian winery, it represents the best wine from the Aeolean Island of Lipari, just off the northern coast of Sicily. There, Castellaro's winemakers and farmers craft wines from the island's volcanic soils that make the term "unique" an understatement. Using natural winemaking techniques that rely entirely on human capital and nature rather than machinery, Gabriele's stories of the winery are every bit as enjoyable as their beguiling wines.




Tenuta di Castellaro Wines


Nero Ossidiana

The power of magma, the depths of the earth to our senses

Bianco Pomice

The freshness and light of the sea in a summer sunset

Rosa Caolino

The Aeolian sunrise: delicate, intense yet energetic morning light

Malvasia delle Lipari

Island essence that concentrates and exalts the sea, sun, earth and wind