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May 5 - "Grandmothers Who Inspired Us Across the World" Book Signing with Merry Adler
Join Merry Adler as she launches and celebrates her first published book Grandmothers Who Inspired Us Across The World with a book signing here at Via Umbria. This book is a unique collection of heartfelt memoirs is composed of thirty-one unique perspectives and genuine reflections of grandmothers from their grandchildren that will inspire countless readers. Dedicated to her own maternal grandmother who inspired her to create this anthology, and to grandmothers across the world, whose legacies of unwavering love & inspiration live on in the hearts and minds of your grandchildren. Don't miss this unique opportunity and perfect Mother's Day gift!


This Book Signing event starts at 4:00pm. Guests will be able to watch and interact with Merry Adler throughout the event and she will be able to personalize messages.

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