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Favorites: Fontecolle

Aldo “Duccio” Pompili


Fontecolle, a four-hectare farm in Montefalco’s dedicated wine region, is not the typical tourist destination winery. And Aldo “Duccio” Pompili is not a typical vintner. He lives on the estate, which has been owned by his family for more than 30 years, and Fontecolle is his life’s work. It produces just two wines: Sololoro, a Montefalco Rosso, and Ducciochi, made entirely with the local Sagrantino grape. Duccio tends to the fields himself (using no chemicals) and harvests the plants largely on his own, then presses, vinifies and transforms the grapes into truly remarkable wines. He bottles his entire annual production of about 10,000 bottles using a small machine that fills four bottles at once, corking and sealing them individually. The finished product is testament to his intimate connection to the land and his unflagging dedication to his craft.

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