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Ducciochi Sagrantino de Montefalco DOCG 2007

Ducciochi Sagrantino de Montefalco DOCG 2007
100% Sagrantino grapes. This wine matured in oak barrels for about 10 months. Sagrantino is one of the most tannic varieties in the world, and produces a dry wine with cinnamon and fruit flavors. Pair with red meat and heavier dishes.

About the Vineyards

Fontecolle is a four hectare farm in Montefalco’s dedicated wine region, producing about 7,000 bottles of Montefalco Rosso and 3,000 bottles of Sagrantino annually. Duccio, the owner of the estate, and the oenologist Mugnari Gianluca collaborate to create Fontecolle’s blends. The small company still removes the seeds from their grapes by hand, and does not use herbicides or pesticides.
  • Fact 1:

    This small vineyard, located down a country road just outside of Montefalco, is the life’s work of one man: Duccio Pompili.

  • Fact 2:

    Duccio's vineyard is his home, and a bed & breakfast, too (complete with a swimming pool with views overlooking the vines), and his sister lives on the same estate, which has been owned by their family for 30 years.

  • Fact 3:
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